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Sunny Egg yolks

Many a times, we refrain from consuming egg yolks that are a good source of vitamin D. These sunny spheres are great for baking pies or making sauces. Limit your consumption of egg yolks as advised by your doctor or dietician for maximum health benefits. If the raw taste of egg yolks is too much too handle, try this recipe of delectable spicy tomato & egg rice. Heat 1 tsp oil in a kadhai, add two eggs & stir them in swift motions to make a scramble. Add a few thinly sliced bell peppers, chopped spring onions & one chopped tomato. Stir fry for couple of minutes & add 2 cups cooked rice. Add salt, chili powder & a little garam masala powder to taste. Serve garnished with chopped spring onion greens. Image courtesy- Pixabay

5 delicious ways to get more vitamin D in your diet

More & more people are being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.  A fat soluble vitamin, deficiency of vitamin D leads to risk of developing bone abnormalities & lower immunity levels. Vitamin D has several important functions like regulating calcium absorption in the system. This vitamin also plays an important role in regulating mood & fighting depression.

Though our bodies produce vitamin D when directly exposed to sunlight, certain foods can also help us get vitamin D when included in our diets. Let look at some easy delicious ways of getting more of this “sunshine vitamin”.