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Banana Oats Smoothie

A great breakfast pick-me-up, banana oats smoothie shall keep you satiated for a long time. Bananas are a great source of potassium, several antioxidants & a good source of fiber. Oats have cholestrol lowering properties & aid digestion by providing dietary fiber. Regular consumption of oats help control blood sugar levels & being a low calorie food, oats aid in weight loss. Made with just three ingredients, this banana oats smoothie is easy to make. Blend one ripe banana with 150 ml cold soymilk & 2-3 tsp rolled oats in a blender till smooth. Pour in a smoothie glass & enjoy with a drizzle of honey. Image courtesy- Pixabay

Delightful No Milk Smoothies You Should Try This Summer

Highly versatile, smoothies can be made with a variety of fruits & vegetables. A great way of adding nutrition to our diets, smoothies also make a great beverage during summers. Many avoid smoothies as often restaurants serve sugar laden versions made with packaged juices & flavoring agents. Some don’t like smoothies as they are often made with milk.

A healthy smoothie is a real thing & we would love you to try these delightful smoothies made with nutritious fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, calcium rich yogurt, coconut milk & superfoods. Add or alter ingredients as per personal taste to enjoy a real treat loaded with health benefits this summer. Smoothies are great in between meals when hunger pangs beckon & suit every mood.