Demi Lovato speaks out against gender-reveal parties, calls them 'transphobic'

Anumika Bahukhandi
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Demi Lovato speaks out against gender-reveal parties, calls them
Demi Lovato speaks out against gender-reveal parties, calls them

27 Feb 2021: Demi Lovato speaks out against gender-reveal parties, calls them 'transphobic'

Demi Lovato, an ardent supporter and member of the LGBT community, recently spoke out against the trend of gender reveal parties.

In a post on Instagram, the singer shared that such get-togethers are "transphobic," adding that refusing to acknowledge this fact is "both insincere and incorrect."

She shared the post that was initially pushed by Indian American writer Alok Vaid-Menon, a transgender rights activist.

Instagram: 'Idea that sex is based on genitalia inconsistent with science'

"This is not about political correctness, it's just...correct," Demi's post read, which added, "We condemn gender reveals not because of our identity, but because of reality."

She also retorted how "the idea that sex is based on genitalia is inconsistent with science," and that gender reveal parties highlight an "illusion that genitals = gender and that there are only two options 'boy or girl'."

Fact: This is the post shared by Demi that's making waves

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Social Media: Not all agree with the 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer's post

Although many of the Sorry Not Sorry singer's followers and fans supported her take, a number of them held different views.

For instance, one of the netizens said, "If it's not your child, you don't have a say."

Another asked her to let people live how they want to, while another expressed his love for her, but agreeing to disagree on her statement.

Details: A noted LGBTQ advocate, Demi wrote against anti-LGBT bill

This isn't the first time the singer is voicing her concerns for the LGBT community.

She had earlier teamed up with Danica Roem, Virginia's first transgender legislator, taking a stand for the community.

In 2016, Demi opined against the anti-LGBT bill with a post.

Right from writing a love letter to donning a gender-neutral bathroom top, she has made her stance pretty clear, repeatedly.

LGBT: She came out as sexually 'very fluid' in 2018

The strong stand of the 28-year-old comes from the fact that she has openly admitted that her own sexuality is "very fluid."

While talking to Teen Vogue in 2018, the singer had said, "I think love is love, you can find it in any gender."

She had also said that opening up to her parents in 2017 was an "emotional but really beautiful" experience.