‘Desi food for desi girl’: Vahbiz Dorabjee’s guide to eating well

So many yummy things to eat

I surely fall in the category ‘live to eat’. I am a foodie, but the main thing is there is only one life and there are so many yummy things to eat. So, yes definitely, live to eat.

Sharing happiness

Yes, I do Instagram a lot of food pictures. In fact, I do food blogging as well because I like to create awareness and share my happiness with all my Instagram followers and fans so that even they can go and try some yummy food.

Most memorable meals ever

The yummiest meals I have eaten are by my mom—I love the chicken biryani that she makes. I also cannot resist paani puri (it’s my weakness) and butter chicken. And whenever I go to Pune there is this favourite bhelwala where I gorge on chat and I am a big fan of Chinese food.

Fave comfort food

Butter chicken and butter naan or pizza.

A strict no-no

Pizza mostly as it causes bloating. It happened to me once and after that, I was like, ‘Oh my god! I am not going to eat pizza too often.” I eat pizza very rarely.

Unusual meals

I am not very experimental when it comes to food. I have a few favourite dishes and I just stick to them. But, my mother is very experimental and thanks to her I end up trying different cuisines. What I recently liked was the Mediterranean food at Bayroute (in Mumbai)...it is to die for.

Carrying food to work

I don’t carry food when I go out, but when I used to be on television sets, I used to carry dabba and an entire basket of goodies, because we had to be confined to the set for almost 12 hours...

Best food destinations

For local food, I would say food in Pune, since I am a Pune girl. Out there you have M G Road where you get the most amazing kacchi dabeli, then there is Bund Garden where you get bhel to die for...which has been there since my parents were in college. Internationally, I can’t remember anything particular because I am a complete desi at heart.

Not a big fan of cooking

Frankly, I am not a big fan of cooking. It’s not that I don’t know cooking, in fact, I can cook pretty well and thankfully there have been no disasters. I learned to cook some Indian dishes. I made tawa pulao, schezwan paneer, laccha paratha — so there are a few things that have turned out well.

Cuisines I am partial to

I am absolutely partial to Indian and Chinese food...I am up for it anytime.

Fave ghar ka khana

When it is something fancy, then my mom cooks the best chicken biryani and if it just comes to sabzi-roti she makes the most amazing bhindi aloo.

It’s cheat day!

I love cheating and sometimes pampering myself and emotional binge eating. And, during these times I opt for butter chicken or pizza or paani puri for sure.