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The best non-filmy songs of our childhood came from Euphoria and there is no two ways about it. From the very first song, “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom”, the performers had confirmed that Palash Sen had a different way of imagining music, and the rustic whiff of the soil of Bengal was evident in the beats and picturization. The band served many more hits: “Mehfooz”, “Kabhi Ana Tu Meri Gali”, and the immortal “Mai ri” that are inseparable from our personal tales of young love.

Desi music bands from our childhood we want back in our lives... like, RN

Kids these days, with their unlimited data, and a thousand music playing websites at their disposal, would never know the patience with which we stayed glued in front of the TV, waiting for our favorite song to be played.

But that longing and excitement had a value, the ease of accessing music today would never be able to replace. You know what else will never find a replacement? The songs of our childhood. Those bands, those band-members, those beats.

Here are 10 music bands that were everything for us in our younger years. How we wish they would come back in our lives again!!