How to design a living room in a small home

Hi I’m Abhishek and I’m here to offer you what I hope will be helpful tips in making the most of spaces in small homes. For this I’ll take you through my own home in Mumbai, which is a 1BHK. Because of its layout, we were able to convert it into a 1.5 BHK. The extra room is now a study and a guest room. I’ll be taking you through the each of the four rooms – living room, study, bedroom, and kitchen – in four different videos. Today we start with the living room.

Try to keep your living room clutter-free. This means having just basic furniture. Think of your living room as a place where you only entertain guests. What would you then put in such a room? When we asked ourselves that, we realised all we needed was some seating, a bar, and a dining table.

The best way to do reduce clutter is by not having the TV in the living room. The TV is the centrepiece in most living rooms. Take it out and you’ll get to play around a lot more with the seating and other design aspects.

In a small house you will require storage. But let that not be in the living room. We created storage under the seating area but it’s well-hidden so it doesn’t really occupy extra space.

Follow a theme. In our case it was antique chic. Every element in the room reflects that theme – from the phone to the photo frames.

Avoid clunky sofas and sofa-beds in the living room. Let your seating be as open as minimalist as possible but also comfortable.

Instead of a TV, consider another centrepiece. In our case, it was this marble-top and teakwood bar.

If you don’t want a bar, add a showcase if you have things to display. Or multiple picture frames.

We chose not to have personal photos on display. Instead, we went for something we liked. My wife and I love Paris, so we framed these antique Parisian prints. There’s also an original newspaper page from 1875, depicting a Parsi man praying. This pays homage to my wife’s community; she’s a Parsi.

Paint the entire house in a light shade and highlight one wall with a different colour. This will break the monotony. In our case, this shade went with the theme of a throwback to another age when time slowed down and life was just tad simpler.

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