How to design an open kitchen in a small home

Hello, I’m Abhishek and I’m taking you through my home in Mumbai which my wife and I decorated a few years ago. It’s a 1BHK but it came with two bathrooms. We decided to convert one bath area into an open kitchen space so we would get an extra room. Here are tips on how to design an open kitchen in a small house:

Start by estimating how much storage you need in the kitchen. If you don’t cook a lot, you likely don’t need a lot of storage for pots and pans. Aside from cooking utensils, you’ll need storage for your snacks, dry groceries, water filter and dustbin.

On the platform, factor in space for drying your utensils, a gas stove, a microwave oven, and a grinder. Your platform should be a simple straight line with storage space above and below. Avoid L-shaped designs. If you can accommodate your refrigerator in this line, it would make the kitchen look even more open. Else you place it in a manner that it doesn’t come too much in the way of your storage units. We had to keep our fridge perpendicular to the platform since we needed a lot of storage space. But we used an S-shaped trolley so we could access the deepest end of our shelf that was hidden behind the fridge.

An open kitchen needn’t be spartan. Incorporate softer elements like highlighter tiles that will add some whimsy to the area. Also look for things like designer jars or frosted glass shelf doors that will break the monotony. We used the side of the fridge to display the magnets we collect from our travels or ones that our friends bring for us. To liven up the passage area, we created a space for wall plates that we collect from around the world. Essentially, look for elements that will help the area liven up and not look like it’s a strictly functional space.

Ultimately, remember that this is a bath area. Take all measures to ensure that the waterproofing is done well. If it means spending a little extra and fixing the leakage in your upstairs neighbour’s bathroom, do it. This will ensure your kitchen is safe, sanitary, and ready to serve and host a party of 20!

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