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First floor bar counter.

Design Spaces : Restaurants - Part 2.

The brief given to Farah Ahmed Mathias and  Dhaval Shellugar of FADD Studio for the Bengaluru pub “Sotally Tober” was that it had to be different, something which Bengaluru had never seen before. Brainstorming, the duo came up with the idea of highlighting the walls. Farah says “Painting the wall with one colour would be too boring; a wallpaper too repetitive. We needed movement and expression and something that looked different each time we saw it and we needed it to be done in a way that also elicited excitement and curiosity! So we looked at artists and found inspiration in Jackson Pollack the, abstract expressionist painter who is known for his drip painting. Hence, we decided to paint the walls in his style and thus achieved the movement and rhythm we were looking for. It was whimsical yet sophisticated; it was audaciously delicate; it was just the thing we needed to set the mood for the space. Within this shell we added simple chair and table clusters in colours chosen to enhance the blues of the walls. Black,vermillion and raspberry and blue were the dining colour blocks. We finished the space with custom made lights, which were mostly elements from the kitchen and these added the eclectic-ness to the space”. Let us take a look at this “different” pub!