Despair To Hope With Adam Vibe Gunton

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Few men have undergone such radical transformation as Adam Vibe Gunton. Gunton has built a seven-figure company, launched a remarkably successful podcast, and wrote a best-selling book. But things weren't always so great for Gunton - things weren't even good. Gunton was homeless at one time. Down and out. Ravaged by addiction. And his success and platform is changing the world - one addict at a time.

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Gunton has founded a platform, "Recovered on Purpose," that allows addicts to share their stories and ultimately become inspired to write and serve. Gunton believes in stripping back all the shame and pain from addicts through the art of storytelling, then encouraging them to actively pursue their goals and dreams. No doubt, it is a worthy cause, with life expectancy actually having deteriorated in certain parts of the USA, a direct factor of drug-related overdoses.

What's outstanding is Gunton wrote his book within the space of 5 weeks and so encourages and coaches others to do the same, to release their story, and allow others to learn from it. Gunton himself is a spiritual man and believes that each addict should embrace a God of their understanding to unfold and uncover their unique purpose and potential contribution to society. But, perhaps the most potent aspect of Gunton's platform is his ability to tell addicts: You are significant. And this newfound significance and sense of self is often the ticket out of chronic addiction.

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Gunton's remarkable podcast "The Recovered on Purpose show" features harrowing interviews of people whose lives were essentially on the brink of death. It is astounding that the smiling healthy faces of those in his interviewee's sections were former addicts, but this is the kind of transformation that Gunton inspires - from life to death, from misery to hope, from poverty to wealth.

"Recovered on Purpose" is obviously more than a podcast but an actual program that Gunton has developed that allows addicts to use the skill of writing to document their story in a series of speeches, which they can use to launch a successful public speaking career. These speeches can, of course, be developed into books, and Gunton has all sorts of tips and recommendations on how to release a best selling book.

In addition, many of the students in Gunton's program speak in schools, actively seeking to educate the next generation. Gunton's focus on the youth and his active care in educating them to avoid his mistakes speaks to the generous and giving person he is.

Gunton recognized his gift; that is his story and its ability to move and touch addicts. Sometimes, it can be hard to pinpoint our gift or to embrace it. But Gunton's rapid success conveys that it is immensely transformative for ourselves and others when we do. In 2020, the U.S. alone had over 80,000 overdose deaths, according to data. This was a record to date. In 2021, this could increase by over 20%.

Everyone knows how demoralizing addiction is. For the addict, their family, the wider circle. Life can simply be destroyed through addiction. Yet, Gunton carries a message of hope – regeneration and transformation are possible – through his program. It is somewhat astounding that Gunton's darkest, most miserable time has become the springboard for his transformation company. But this is a direct reminder that "anything is Possible."

There is no benchmark for Gunton, and he sees his program and business exploding in the next few years. With ambitions to speak around the world, Gunton knows that he has a mission to educate others of the pain and misery of drug addiction and the life-changing potential that ensues once addicts hand over their addiction to God, or the higher power of their choice.

The only way this war can be won is by those that are in it fighting back, the addicts who find recovery. A battle of complacency and indifference on the part of many. And against the addict's own war of self-hatred and self-pity. Gunton carries the sword of hope and healing with his program.

Gunton is a self-made millionaire, a man whose company has seemingly been 'blessed' or ordained by a higher power to change lives, reach enormous success, and touch the next generation. For Gunton, success is not a car, a house, or even his best-selling book; it is his ability to make others successful. Few men are as giving as Gunton, and that is why his story so touches addicts. Raw, vulnerable and yet emerging triumphant and wealthy – well, it's the stuff of a Pulitzer prize-winning book – perhaps Gunton's next accomplishment.

Few other entrepreneurs see their missions and goals as a war, but that is what Gunton faces.

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