New Details Are Out About Song Hye Kyo And Writer Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming Drama Has Been Released – Here’s All We Know About “The Glory”

Kiona Rosh
·1-min read

Recently it was reported that the super talented Korean actress Song Hye Kyo will be working under “Descendants of the Sun” writer, Kim Eun Sook again, for a new k-drama. Tho it was confirmed that both of them will be working together, there was no news about the new drama until today.
Today dated the 8th of January 2021, it was reported through many news portals that this new drama would be titled, The Glory. ‘The Glory’ is a story about a female lead that had a dream of becoming an architect. But, in high school, due to harsh school violence, she dropped out.
The drama grows to be a revenge story where eventually, as they grew up, the ringleader of this cruel tormenting married and gave birth to a child. The female lead waited her time until the bully’s child climbed to elementary school, and then she took up a new post as the child’s teacher. She then starts to take revenge against the bully and others that merely observed her getting bullied in the past.
This dark drama will undoubtedly star Song Hye Kyo as the lead actress. But the lead male actor is yet to be decided.