Can This Device Clean Delhi’s Air Pollution Before the Marathon?

Camera Person: Shivkumar Maurya

Delhi and air pollution are no strangers - in fact, disturbingly for us, they’ve become fast friends over time.

We’re almost gasping for breath and the health problems - from COPD and lung issues, skin ailments, heart disease and more are a huge cause for concern.

These issues usually come to the fore during Diwali and Delhi’s marathon - are we killing ourselves faster by running in this toxic air?

This year though the Delhi Airtel Marathon has pre-empted the issue and promised cleaner air for Delhi's residents.

We spoke to Radha Narayan Rao, Head of sales for Devic Earth, a snazzy new device claiming to clear the air of some pollutants to break down how exactly it will purify our dirty air.

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