Dharmendra Says COVID-19 Vaccine Is Absolutely Safe, Advocates, 'Get Over Your Apprehensions And Get The Jab Soonest' - EXCLUSIVE

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The iconic veteran actor Dharmendra wants to reassure his fans that the Covid vaccine is absolutely safe. “I took my first dose last month. There were no side effects at all. Not even a slight fever. I am now going to take the second dose. I want everyone to know that the vaccine is absolutely safe. So get over your apprehensions and take the jab the soonest possible,” says Dharamji, worried by the spike in the Covid numbers.

“Everyone thought the virus would recede this year. But it is back worse than last year. So many of my beloved colleagues and juniors in the film industry are getting it. It is heartbreaking to see work and humanbeings suffering. The vaccination is the only possible solution. We have to trust in the vaccine and in God.”

The legendary Dharmendra has been locked way in his farmhouse during the pandemic. "I recommend the vaccination to all, specially the elders. If we must stop this terrible virus social distancing and the vaccination are the only way out. I am very saddened to see people in Mumbai not wearing their masks, not following Covid guidelines. By pretending that the pandemic is gone,it won’t go away. We must continue to be very careful,” says Dharamji.

During the last one year when he has been isolated at his farmhouse Dharamji has not met any member of his family.

“I miss being with my loved ones. Lekin akele rehne ka bhi apna maza hai (there is something to be said about being on your own). I write a lot of poetry. I listen to music. I spend my time gardening. It’s been a peaceful time. I’ve enjoyed the time I had to myself,” says Dharamji.

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