'Dhoop Ki Deewar' review: Widowhood, caste bias portrayed honestly

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17 Jul 2021: 'Dhoop Ki Deewar' review: Widowhood, caste bias portrayed honestly

Haseeb Hasan's Dhoop Ki Deewar dropped its seventh and eighth episodes on ZEE5. Essaying the tales of two families of recently martyred soldiers in India and Pakistan, the show continues to touch us with realistic portrayals and raw emotions. It also shows how during the toughest of times, help arrives from unexpected corners and people we might have held enemies. Here's our review.

Story: Vishal and Sara's families find out about their regular correspondence

This week's episodes see Sara (Sajal Aly) and Vishal (Ahad Raza Mir) come closer as they continue to find understanding in each other like no other. However, their families find out that they have been in contact. They naturally explode upon learning their ward is talking to the enemies. But Sara and Vishal show them how the pain of losing someone transcends borders.

Perception: Beyond the surface-level animosity, there's the same pain, same loss

Writer Umera Ahmed earlier said she birthed the story during her encounter with some families of martyred soldiers. "I saw that the mother of a martyred soul will never curse the enemy country's soldiers, because she understands the pain," said Ahmed. The same is captured here. Both families become understanding when they start seeing the other as equally bereaved, instead of being sworn enemies.

Commendable: Commentary on widowhood necessary, time we stopped glorifying their struggles

Our culture has a way of glorifying societal wrongs as sacrifices. The act of ditching color upon one's husband's death is seen as a virtue. Vishal's mother Sunanda is a psychiatrist who loves wearing red and maroon. Hence, her wardrobe has nothing "widow-like." When she asks the shopkeeper to pack any random white wear, we see even well-educated families bowing down to orthodox societal constrictions.

Verdict: Disability issue dealt maturely; episode gets 3.5/5

When one character is being suspected of a disability, makers exercise research and caution. Stress is given on the due medical examination. Commentary on caste bias in India is exemplified and we'll see more of it as seen in the precap for the next episodes. As mentioned in past reviews, the series would've worked better if all the episodes had premiered together. Verdict: 3.5/5.

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