Diana Jenner, an Expert Skin and Beauty Therapist Sets the Bar for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Diana Jenner, who shares her surname with Makeup Mogul Kylie Jenner, is an up-and-coming beauty mogul herself based in Lymington, England. Specializing in multiple skin and beauty treatments, Jenner is currently living her lifelong dream of working in the beauty industry. Anyone who works with the entrepreneur for the first time is instantly astonished by her amazing professionalism and impressive work ethic.

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Her passion for establishing herself in the beauty industry roots in her own goal - to create a positive change in other’s lives and give them a boost of confidence via their preferred skin and beauty treatments.

Being a diversified professional in the beauty industry, her identity comes across in unique ways. Apart from being an expert in skin and beauty treatments, a national Dermalogica brand ambassador, business coach, entrepreneur, mentor, skin expert, etc. She has been awarded the BABTAC and CIBTAC International Beauty Therapist of the Year title and she also owns a multiple award-winning boutique called Orchids Retreat. She lived, worked, and studied in the US before elevating her studies in the UK.

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With her platforms, she is dedicated to serving her clients in the best way possible and has been creating tailored products and treatments for them considering their individual needs to match their requirements perfectly.

Jenner admits, navigating the journey to building an empire, we have blurred the boundaries between looking good and feeling good and that is something we should be working on. As a highly dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, she has been an advocate for teaching women the importance of feeling beautiful in their own skin and embracing any self-perceived imperfections.

Cosmetic Surgeries and other elective beauty treatments are still taboo in society and they shame women who are trying to get some assistance on enhancing and renewing their features. Jenner believes everybody is entitled to what they want to do with their bodies and if it’s something that makes them feel confident and they are willing to do it, then there’s nothing else that should hold weight in this matter.

As a business coach and consultant, Diana has also designed the Business Bounce Back where she is educating her viewership consisting of beauty business owners about the government requirements and guidelines regarding reopening their business with safety.

Alongside handling her beauty business efficiently, she fiercely goes the extra mile for her followers and working with the government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). She is trying to innovate ways to restore an industry that requires close contact by assisting the UK government on updating their Working Safely Guidance.

She has one of the most impressive customer retention rates in the industry, a retention rate of 99% in comparison to the industry average of 45% with her excellent client care and customer service. It must not be a surprise at this point that her abundance of energy draws her customers and some of them travel from London and as far as Singapore, Dubai, and the USA.

As a woke woman in the 21st century, Jenner is out to rid the business of its stigma and with her conscious efforts, she has been actively teaching people of all generations about the accessibility of good looks and the importance of a skincare routine.

With her ‘Faster than Amazon Prime’ product deliveries, she has been hailed as the ‘Queen of Customer Service’ by her clients, many of whom have been with her since day 1 of her business opening. It is no wonder that her true passion for beauty and dedication to her work has helped her achieve the heights of success in her career and she wishes her journey to be a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs out there.

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