DiCaprio leads letter urging Joe Biden's action on climate change

Shubham Dasgupta
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DiCaprio leads letter urging Joe Biden
DiCaprio leads letter urging Joe Biden

07 Feb 2021: DiCaprio leads letter urging Joe Biden's action on climate change

There's a lot riding on current US President Joe Biden's stint, and luminaries across the world, doubling up as activists, want their voices and requests to be heard.

Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor par excellence and founder of an organization that protects vulnerable wildlife from extinction, is leading that team.

He posted an open letter to the 46th US President requesting some climate change decisions.

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The letter titled President Biden: You can be the Climate President was posted on DiCaprio's official Instagram handle last week.

The post, which has received over 46K likes, comprises six images.

The letter starts with the second image, where Biden's inauguration has been termed as "a turning point in the history of the United States of America and for the world."

Content: Biden can be 'climate president,' says the assuring letter

Thereafter, it attempts to bring to Biden's attention the twin issues of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, which "are not separate missions."

An excerpt from the letter read, "The task ahead is enormous. This is the most decisive decade in human history to confront the climate crisis. You can be remembered as the 'climate president' who led humanity away from the cliff's edge."

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Biden's promise on landmark climate change decisions seems to gather steam as the US President promptly got the country back on the Paris Agreement on tackling the climate crisis, which his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew from in 2017.

Regarding energy use, Biden is rallying for federal agencies to buy zero-emission vehicles and use clean electricity.

He is also trying to reduce fossil fuel subsidies.

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DiCaprio's Instagram post had the following caption: "The time for us to confront the #ClimateCrisis is now."

The carousel continues with four more images, each of which contains the authorization of scores of luminaries from Hollywood, academia, politics, music, and the global activist community.

"Our children and grandchildren must see this as the moment the world was saved," the letter added.