Did Deepika Padukone test positive for COVID-19 as well?

Shreya Mukherjee
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Did Deepika Padukone test positive for COVID-19 as well?
Did Deepika Padukone test positive for COVID-19 as well?

04 May 2021: Did Deepika Padukone test positive for COVID-19 as well?

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has tested positive for COVID-19, as per latest reports.

This news comes after Padukone's parents, Prakash and Ujjala, along with her sister Anisha reportedly contracted the deadly virus.

While Ujjala and Anisha had chosen to opt for home quarantine, Padukone's father, the badminton legend, was reportedly recovering at a hospital in Bengaluru.

She hasn't made any official statement though.

Source: The actress' team is yet to confirm the reports

As soon as the news of Prakash Padukone's hospitalization was made public, Pinkvilla quoted a source, who claimed that not only her family, but even the Tamasha actress tested positive.

The portal added that they have reached out to the star's team for confirmation, but are yet to receive any updates.

According to reports, Padukone's family had tested positive ten days ago.

Statement: Padukone's father is currently hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment

Vimal Kumar, a close friend of the legendary badminton player and director at his badminton academy, had confirmed the news of their diagnosis to news agency PTI.

Kumar said all three of them had shown symptoms and hence decided to get tested.

While in isolation, Prakash's fever failed to come down, prompting the family to shift him to a hospital last Saturday.

Information: Sr. Padukone will be 'hopefully discharged in 2-3 days'

Kumar went on to assure that the ace was recovering well, and was likely to come back from the hospital in a few days.

"He is okay now. All his parameters are fine, his wife and daughter are at home and he too will be hopefully discharged in 2-3 days," he shared.

It's not yet known when, if at all, the actress tested positive.

Looking back: Padukone and Ranveer Singh travelled to Bengaluru last month

To recall, last month, Padukone and husband actor Ranveer Singh had flown to Bengaluru, as Mumbai went under lockdown.

A Pinkvilla report cited an anonymous insider to state that they were going to stay with Padukone's parents for a while.

It can be expected that the shoots getting cancelled in Mumbai must have provided the couple a perfect excuse to be with family.