Did you know that CBFC had demanded 72 cuts in Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalakaandi?

We aren't surprised at that at all...

Yes, the headline is exactly what you read. Honestly, we aren’t surprised at all. The teaser of the film had heightened our interest to an altogether different level. Anything quirky is always welcome because in today’s day and age, the audience is exposed to much better and realistic content on the internet. Kaalakaandi is exactly that. So when we watched the trailer of the film, which is equally awesome, a thought came to our minds. How did the CBFC let it pass without cuts, which would leave the film, look like nothing but a montage of scenes put together. And Saif Ali Khan answered it for us. Today, during an informal chat with the media at the trailer launch event, the actor revealed how the board freaked out on seeing the film. 72 cuts is what they demanded fortunately, it managed to get certified with just one.

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Saif Ali Khan revealed at the event that the Board wanted many cuts in the film but thanks to the tribunal or FCAT, the film managed it with just one. The trailer will tell you why the Board might have flipped out. Even though it depicts the exact way people talk, especially those who are going through such mess in their lives, the Board likes to keep it sugary, spicy, and all things nice-y. Hence, the demand, but we are happy there was no supply or rather supplication. Check out the trailer here once again…

While speaking to us, Deepak had said, “The movie is about three different stories that are interlinked. And interestingly all the three stories are shot with three different cameras. Audience will get to see 10-12 experiments in this film. It’s a rarity.” It’s a dark comedy where six characters from different worlds come together in ambitious Mumbai and its dark, neglected underbelly. Kaalakaandi will release on January 12, 2018.