Did you know that Pub-G was made after three unsuccessful attempts, today its estimated value is $27 million!

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

According to Bloomberg report, PUBG company, Krafton, is planning to go public. And it’s recently estimated valuation is $27 billion more than IPO.

It was not an easy road for PUBG’s creator Kim-Chang Han, who is a former child prodigy who won the national coding series in South Korea. He failed his 3 multiplayer games then PUBG was his last try at success, he sold his company to Krafton and stayed there as an executive producer.

After PUBG everything settled down. Six years later, the game has sold 70 million copies on Computer and its mobile version has reached 600 million updates.

Currently, the company is going public and could be South Korea’s largest IPO in years. Selling shares could net the company billions, the startup could become valued up to 30 trillion won.

Krafton runs four gaming studios, of which PUBG is their crown, with the game reaching $1.1 billion from January to September 2020.

Moreover, Krafton is creating an animated show that will be on streaming services and a web cartoon. There is also going to be a new battle royale mobile title based on PUBG releasing this year.