'I did?': Milind Soman stopped in his tracks after man claims he married a 16-year-old!

The ever young and hot model turned runner Milind Soman has always had a space in everyone’s hearts. Last year, he made a buzz around social media by marrying a 28-year-old girl Ankita Konwar who is almost 30 years younger than him. Even though everybody accepted them as an ideal couple, trolls can’t stop talking about him.

Recently, a man claimed that Milind had a relationship with a 16-yr old and waited for her to grow old and marry. He tweeted “Why are you surprised? Half the people who will agree with you are the same people who cheered when Milind Soman revealed that he had a relationship with a 16 yr old at the age of 45. But waited till she was a little older before marrying her.”

Milind couldn’t control his shock and laughter at this news and mocked the person saying “I did?????? There is no end to the things I get told about myself, that I had no knowledge about”

Well, trolls may come and troll may go but we know one thing for sure, that Milind will run forever!

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