Did You Plan For That C-Section?

Did You Plan For That C-Section?


About 83% women in India get their good news on Preganews pregnancy test kit. When a woman sees these two pink lines, she embarks on a journey that is full of ifs and buts. She makes every possible switch and change in her health, lifestyle and diet to ensure she nurtures a healthy baby in her womb; and when it is time to deliver, she hopes to do it in the most natural way - through vaginal delivery. However, not every mom-to-be is fortunate enough to go through the natural birthing process and is put through the needles of C-Section.

C-section rates have been increasing every year in India. The rise is more visible in urban areas as compared to rural. About 40% of births happen in private hospitals. When we asked thousands of moms and moms-to-be on our platform about their preference of delivery, more than 65% of them said-”Normal Delivery”. 37% preferred C-Section either because of complicated pregnancy or risks related to multiple pregnancy. C-Section was definitely not their choice but  they could not take the chance of risking their baby’s life. It was either an informed decision or a last minute detour.



Our survey said that 61% Moms had a smooth and healthy pregnancy yet 37% of them ended up with C-Section delivery. 70% of them were given reasons by their Doctor. Reasons varied from baby pooping right before birth wherein they inhaled meconium to slow cervix dilation post water break. Other reasons included baby’s head being too big or drop in fetal rate.

Many of our survey participants were moms to more than one child. 20% of these moms had C-section delivery on both the occasions while 40% had both their babies through vaginal delivery. 38% Moms know that if they have had their first child through C-section, their subsequent deliveries will be C-Section too. However, less than 5% have their subsequent babies through vaginal delivery.


Of the first time moms who had C-section, 28% of them neither had complications nor a genetic history of C-Section(mother or sister with C-section). The question then comes as to where do we put the blame for the increasing rates of C-Section. Lack of fitness in moms? Lack of tolerance during labor? Fear of litigation in medical fraternity owing to a probable failure of a successful delivery? Lack of right medical assistance? Rising rate of late pregnancies resulting in complications? Reasons can be either or all of these.

It has also been observed that a small 8% women opt for painless birthing which includes C-Section as their preferred choice. However, C-Section is still not a choice by the majority and is more by chance leading to delayed postpartum recovery as compared to normal delivery.

So was your C-Section a choice or by chance? 

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