Did Tony Kakkar Copy From K-Pop Group Blackpink For His Booty Shake Video?

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Tony Kakkar Booty Shake
Tony Kakkar Booty Shake

The Indian music industry is no stranger to plagiarising or in a more diplomatic sense ‘taking inspiration’ from various foreign places.

From outright copying lyrics, scenes from music videos to picking up the exact melody of a song, the Indian music industry has done it all.

Tony Kakkar is now being accused of something along the same lines and it might not be entirely without any cause.

Tony Kakkar recently released his song called ‘Booty Shake’ (the name in and of itself should indicate the caliber of the artist).

The song was anyway panned by many for being a typical nonsense song that oversexualises girls in school uniforms and illogical lyrics.

But some K-pop fans, specifically those of the girl group Blackpink picked up some instances of copying from Kakkar’s music video for the song.

Did Tony Kakkar Plagiarise Blackpink?

The music video to Booty Shake is being alleged to be extremely similar to K-pop girl group Blackpink’s music video called ‘Ice Cream’.

The song that featured Blackpink was released last year in August and was a collaboration with American artist Selena Gomez.

Some scenes from the music video to Booty Shake were called out by fans of the Korean girl group as being uncannily similar to Blackpink’s music video.

The setting of the tennis court and the outfits of the back-up dancers were also said to be quite similar to Blackpink’s video.




While the K-pop fans were calling out Kakkar, there were some who were defending the Indian artist and saying it could simply be inspired and not outright copied.

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This Is Not The First Time

Of course, one could have given Kakkar the benefit of the doubt had this been his first time.

However, Kakkar has been previously called out for almost entirely copying for the music video of his song called Shona Shona.

Kakkar’s video by Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar had featured Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla and was said to be identical to two music videos from K-pop groups Iz*one and B1A4.

Fans found out how scenes seemed to be an exact copy-paste from the music videos of B1A4’s ‘Like A Movie’ and IZ*ONE’s Japanese single ‘Beware’.

The whole situation has now even reached the management company of B1A4, WM Entertainment and they have even released a statement on how they are looking into the allegations.

As per a statement put out by the agency they said, “We are aware of the plagiarism issue regarding the Indian artist. We are carefully reviewing possible responses.”

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