Digital Influencer and Entrepreneur Adrian Morrison teaches students how to achieve online marketing success

Many people dream of not having to work in a traditional job. They wish to not be in a position where they must exchange their time for money. They don’t want their boss to tell them when they’re allowed to take a vacation, go to a dentist appointment, or even use the bathroom. Instead, they could spend more time with their family or the people most important to them.

This may sound like a dream to many, but it’s something that Adrian Morrison has achieved. He’s a successful entrepreneur and online marketing expert who’s made several million dollars working for himself online. But he doesn’t want to do it alone—he thinks that anyone can follow in his footsteps and start their own successful internet business.

Morrison’s first job was at a car wash making $5.15 an hour. Then he went on to selling electronics at Best Buy while barely passing his college classes. He planned to go to law school, until one day he discovered online marketing, and everything changed. His first month working online, he made $12,000. This completely changed his life and he decided to stop pursuing law school and make a go at online marketing full-time.

He’s now a successful online marketer who specializes in e-commerce, social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click, and media buying. He makes between $500,000 and $1 million per month without needing to listen to a boss or leave his home.

While he was building the steps to his success, Adrian decided that he wants to give back and help others follow in his footsteps. Adrian is a certified education partner with Shopify. He started teaching friends his secrets in his hometown in Mississippi, but then he broadened his teaching to a global audience through the internet.

On Shopify, he runs a course called the eCom Success Academy. He teaches students how he built his e-commerce business and how they can use this business model to make their own businesses. He has many successful students and the program has helped them create their businesses and change their lives.

He has a weekly show called The Profit Power Hour that students can join to receive live coaching from him. Students just have to enroll online, and they will receive invites to a weekly video conference with Adrian.

“Through my Profit Power Hour trainings, I can get to know my students, listen to their comments and guide my teachings in a direction that is more helpful for my students,” Morrison wrote on the program’s website.

Morrison also does public speaking events around the United States and Canada. He shares his own story and teaches people about being a digital entrepreneur. He has hosted events to train and mentor thousands of people who want to become entrepreneurs. He is passionate about teaching others how to make their way to where he is now.

Starting a business alone may seem intimidating or even impossible to many. However, through his online channels, Adrian Morrison provides the tools for young aspirants to become digital entrepreneurs using the tools available to them online and make their dreams come true.