Digital Platform Invezor Celebrates Its Anniversary After Reaching Great Heights in Its Premiere Year

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For generations, people have carried the mindset that success can be attained by completing their studies to land a decent job. However, times have changed, and rather than pursuing a comfortable life, people have grown to desire financial freedom. Entrepreneur Alex Evoy understands the desire too well and has been working to help people attain their goals through his company, Invezor.

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Invezor is a platform that equips people with the knowledge and tools to set out on their entrepreneurial journey. An influencer marketing company, Invezor strives to help brands and businesses grow and settle into their niche in the online market. The company seeks to develop its ecosystem, equipping its movements with the necessary tools to thrive in the economy. Invezor utilizes a unique system that is built around people,

Created only a year ago, Invezor will be celebrating its anniversary on June 15th. Since its inception, the company has maintained its beta status. “We believe until we hit a certain amount of members, we will remain in beta,” founder Alex Evoy revealed. While most companies would have progressed sooner, Invezor remains in beta not out of necessity but because Evoy chooses it to be. However, the company is already earning revenue for its services, providing customers with impeccable services and paying out influencer marketer’s residual income.

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Invezor accumulated its success thanks in part to its flagship product, Invezor Lifestyle. The product gives its members access to deep discounts for traveling needs, giving them a lighter financial load for flights, hotels, rental cars, timeshares, and cruises, even at a 110% best price promise. Invezor members have luxury perks like Fast Visa and Passport with access to 1,350 airport lounges worldwide. They can also access private jets, private medical evacuation coverage, legal assistance abroad, a personal travel agent, a personal assistant, and 200k flight insurance, among many others.

While most companies would require payment to join, Invezor lets people join its family free of charge. “Invezor is here to help others succeed and grow,” shared Alex, “Invezor wants to give, not take.”

Alex Evoy’s compassion and understanding helped build the foundations of his company as it strives to fulfill his vision of a world where freedom is within everyone’s reach. He created Invezor when he noticed that many people could not afford to start a business. Alex opted to make his enrollments accessible when he realized that most people learn better hands-on.

In its first twelve months since opening, Invezor has managed to enroll more than three thousand members. The incredible momentum it gained has excited Alex Evoy, Linda Gojohn & Gerald Ebker, giving them more optimism about the power of the Invezor opportunity. “Invezor is here to stay,” Alex said with confidence. He firmly believes that his company will reach great heights with its tremendous growth and become a Fortune 500 company in the same ranks as Apple or Tesla.

Following a successful first year, Alex Evoy foresees Invezor growing to have over a million members joining their family. He hopes to watch his company earn millions in monthly revenue as Alex plans to use his wealth to help others gain financial freedom.

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