How Digital Solutions Company TechAhead Is Revolutionizing the Technology Behind Fitness Apps

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Over the last year, while some businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, the online fitness industry has flourished. With much of the world stuck at home under stay-at-home orders, many have turned to digital fitness solutions to stay active and get fit at home. But with this sudden influx of online fitness platforms, some have been left behind without the resources or capability to transition to a digital space. The reputable digital solutions company TechAhead has been one game-changer in the industry as they have played an instrumental role in reinventing fitness app development for the future.

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With an arsenal of industry-leading clients like Aquatherm, Audi, American Express and Allianz, one might think that TechAhead only works with big-name brands, but over the last 11 years, they’ve proved quite the contrary. Despite their experience in working with household brand names, TechAhead has also been known for its helping launch the #1 fitness app for mothers: The Healthy Mummy. What was once a small start-up has since grown into a global business. With more than two million users to date, The Healthy Mummy that is popularized today was created and conceptualized all through the services of TechAhead. The TechAhead team re-designed and re-engineered the fitness app for mothers, which in turn helped the brand grow its user base at an exponential rate. The app was consequently enhanced by TechAhead after they re-architected the live app and re-defined the company’s design strategy in order to augment the user experience.

Despite what one might expect, TechAhead offered an array of services to The Healthy Mummy at an affordable price point. Currently, TechAhead is also in the midst of redesigning a fitness app for a reputable Hollywood fitness trainer that is to debut later this year.

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“TechAhead presently is positioned at a juncture from where it is able to cater to various industry verticals, including health and fitness, utilizing its robust native app development team as well as the cross-platform development team.,” says TechAhead COO Mukul Mayank. “We have the right mix and experience of developing on the latest tech stacks of Kotlin, Swift, React Native, Flutter and Xamarin. Our experience with developing a variety of health and fitness apps, enabling AI based suggestions and also integrating different fitness devices using IoT makes it easy for us to rapidly provide niche solutions to our clients.”

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