Dil Bole Oberoi 19th June 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Om gets intimate with Gauri, Bhavya gets attacked and Rudra is unaware

Eva Abraham
Dil Bole Oberoi 19th June 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Bhavya gets attacked by the shooter after his failed attempt to kill Rudra, Rudra searches for Bhavya, Gauri pushes a intoxicated Om away when he tries to get intimate with her.

Dil Bole Oberoi starts with Rudra(Leenesh Mattoo) wearing the locket he got out of his pocket. It is revealed that the locket belonged to the dead criminal and the locket contains a chip which holds valuable information about the gangsters and which can destroy them. Now a shooter has already been sent to kill Rudra and get the locket. Bhavya(Mansi Srivastava) watches Rudra play the casanova with all his hot antics without shirt on the poolside. Rudra and his friends are in the pool while Bhavya stands at the poolside watching them. Some friends push Bhavya in and Rudra holds her in the pool but she pushes him away as she remembers their conversation previous night and gets out of the pool. She notices a very raw person lurking around and threatening a poor waiter with “tokh dunga” when the waiter spills on him. Bhavya wonders that the guy is surely not one of Rudra’s friends. The guy is the shooter and he aims at Rudra who is enjoying in the pool. The guy fires but misses it and the bullet strikes Rudra’s friend Raghav who gets killed. Now the friends worry about this as Rudra reveals that it is murder and that he would find out who did this. Rudra decides to call the police and also asks everyone to stay together while they wait for the police. Rudra searches for Bhavya who had noticed the guy and ran chasing him. Rudra and his friends start searching for Bhavya. Bhavya chases the guy and comes face to face with him. The shooter attacks Bhavya and Bhavya falls. The guy then drags Bhavya away as Rudra worries about her. (Also Read: Buama drugs Omkara, Bhavya is tensed about her budding feelings for Rudra)

Gauri(Shrenu Parikh) is shocked when Omkara(Kunal Jaisingh) falls after drinking the drugged juice. As she turns to run to get help, Om stops her by holding her hand. She is surprised as Om stands up and pulls her into his embrace. He suddenly gets all romantic and tries to get intimate with her. Gauri realises that Om has been drugged and she pushes him away. He falls unconscious. She now understands that Buama(Sushmita Mukherjee) was not trying to kill Om but had drugged him so that he can get intimate with Gauri. Now Gauri wonders what benefit Buama has by doing that. Buama is dragging away a trunk as Gauri follows a line which is made by a powder  on the trunk which Gauri has put on it so she can follow Buama to wherever she went. Now Gauri follows the line which even shines in the dark and reaches the underground basement. She watches from a window as Buama is swinging a cradle with no child in it and singing out to Ratan. Buama is heard telling Ratan that tonight Gauri and Om will come together and then Ratan can get back into this world. Once Ratan is back Buama promises to punish Omkara. Now Gauri gets the whole point, she realises that Buama is planning to kill Om after she gets Om and Gauri’s child to keep-which she believes would be Ratan. Gauri runs back into the house and meets Dadi and Jahnvi(Mreenal Deshraj), she tells them what she saw but they seem to be aware of this already, they say they cannot help it as Buama still is under the shock of Ratan’s death. Gauri tries to tell them about Buama’s plan but they both asks her to leave the past behind as it would just cause more pain. Om gets up to realise what he did in his intoxicated state. He feels embarrassed and sorry. He finds Gauri’s ear-ring on him. Gauri comes in searching for the ear ring and Om hands it over to her also says sorry for what he did. He says what happened should not have happened. Gauri agrees but she asks him to come and help her whenever she would call him. She thinks tonight she would expose Buama and she would need Om’s help.

Precap: Om falls from the stairs and hits his head, he falls unconscious. Jahnvi and Gauri come running to find Om on the floor, they scream out to him.