Dilip Kumar Passes Away: ‘An Actor’s Status Increased By Working With Dilip Sahab,’ Says Prem Chopra- EXCLUSIVE

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After giving some iconic performances in his illustrious career spanning over five decades and teaching acting through his films to multiple generations, veteran actor Dilip Kumar bid adieu to this world this morning, at the age of 98. His stint as Prince Salim in India’s one of the greatest films, Mughal-e-Azam and his eponymous portrayal in Bimal Roy’s Devdas, will always remain as those trademark performances that are still used as a reference by many leading actors.

DIlip sahab worked with one of the most popular villains of Hindi cinema, Prem Chopra, in about six films, including Kranti, Duniya, Shaheed and Dastaan and Chopra has only good things to say about the late thespian. “We worked together in six films and we became such good friends through that course, creating some wonderful memories with each other on the way. I am happy to have got to spend time with that joyful, well-mannered and amazing man in my life,” he iterates. Also read: Dilip Kumar Death: The Late Legendary Actor Suffered From Advanced Prostate Cancer, Says Doctor

Ask him about his experience of working with the great actor, and Chopra responds, “My experience of working with him was amazing. An actor’s status is increased by working with Dilip Sahab. He was the greatest actor this country has ever seen or will ever see. Such actors are born once in a century. His performances are like a textbook for the generations to come, like Ganga Jamuna, Mushal-e-Azam, Bairaag or Kranti. The dedication with which he had worked in all these films is inspiring to say the least. Dilip sahab’s name will be written in golden letters in the history of the Hindi film industry.”

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