Dill Mill Gaye Actress Shilpa Anand “Not Willing To Disclose” Details About Her “Mental Trauma” Yet; Says, “Will Consult Family First”- EXCLUSIVE

TV actress Shilpa Anand, who is popularly known as Dr. Ridhima from famous show, Dill Mill Gaye (2007), aired on STAR One, shocked everyone with her post on social media, a few hours back.

Shilpa shared a long post on Facebook, revealing that she has been going through a mental trauma. In the disturbing post, the actress has accused her best friend of plotting to get her raped. Not just that, she has also said that her mother had filed a police complaint against her sister’s mother-in-law for killing her husband and fleeing away to the USA with all the insurance money.

We got in touch with Shilpa to know what exactly the matter is. But the actress is not ready to talk about her problems with the media as yet. When we called her multiple times, she did receive our call finally, but was reluctant to talk about the matter. When insisted, she simply said, "It’s a family matter and I really need to consult them before disclosing anything. Can I get back to you?"

Shilpa Anand is also known as Ohanna Shivanand as she changed her name in 2015. She is the sister of film actress, Sakshi Shivanand.

Image Source:- Twitter/shilpaanandps/instagram/shilpaanand

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