Dilshad is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and marketing expert

Dilshad is just 21 years old young man who is the founder and CEO of the Branding company called Being Malayali. He developed and shaped a strong community of Malayali to embark upon his own digital venture using the power of social media. Today, he has many local and overseas clients whom he has helped to shape and create good branding for their businesses and companies making them prosper in the current world. He has helped them grow their businesses by promoting them and their products and services.

According to Dilshad, the advent and the strength of social media has given new ways and arena to develop strong brands of the businesses irrespective of their shapes and sizes. With his company Being Malayali he helps local brands turn big brands over the digital world making them strong enough to be recognized in this tough market conditions. He shapes brands and helps them to prosper using the power of social media and other digital marketing techniques.

He claims that its high time one should leverage the power of social media to shape their businesses. The year 2019 is the digital age, hence it is imperative one take resort in it to prosper and grow in tough market conditions. He makes the social media platforms friendly for brands approaching his company to prosper and embark upon as brands in the market. Besides, he is also into capital investment and serial business and helps individuals and groups to grow and turn stable in tough marketing conditions. This is just a start for him as he has to tread a long way.