Director Amole Gupte explains trolled 'Saina' poster to 'impatient world'

Priyanka Bansal
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Director Amole Gupte explains trolled
Director Amole Gupte explains trolled

06 Mar 2021: Director Amole Gupte explains trolled 'Saina' poster to 'impatient world'

The makers of Saina recently released the poster and its first teaser.

Even though the teaser of the biopic based on badminton ace Saina Nehwal was well-received with many praising Parineeti Chopra's portrayal, the poster faced trolling.

Users pointed out that the style of 'serve' shown in the poster is more like of tennis and not badminton.

Consequently, its director Amole Gupte stepped in.

Social media: What was the controversy surrounding the poster all about?

The poster, which was shared by Nehwal and other team members, had a shuttle cock and a girl's hand beneath it, in a movement resembling a 'serve'.

Soon, people started trolling it on social media saying that the makers have confused Nehwal with tennis ace Sania Mirza.

But now Gupte has clarified that it is in fact, not a 'serve,' but something symbolic.

Explanation: Gupte explained the poster through a Facebook post

Gupte, the writer and director of Saina, took to Facebook to clear the air and to hit back at people trolling the poster.

He wrote, "If Saina is the flying shuttle, then clearly, the girl's hand with the National colours wristband is the hand of the Indian Girl Child aspiring to reach Saina's height!!! (sic)."

According to him, the poster symbolized Saina's success.

Fact: He talked about the 'High Concept' poster to 'impatient world'

Gupte added, "Too much speculation in the digital media..."looks like a tennis serve...Saina doing a Sania," etc etc...High Concept Poster by Rahul Nanda has to be unfortunately explained in detail to a quick reacting, impatient world not stopping to think before rubbishing anything!!! Socho!!! (sic)".

Teaser: Meanwhile, the teaser was well-received, for the most part

Meanwhile, the teaser was well-received by most fans.

It shows how Nehwal broke societal stereotypes since she was little, and how she achieved so many feats at such a young age including winning an Olympic medal.

Fans congratulated Chopra for imbibing the gritty athlete perfectly, and getting her mannerisms right too.

Nehwal herself tweeted, "Woww this is the look as mini saina..."

Movie: Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor was roped in for 'Saina'

The movie that saw delays due to pandemic will now hit the theaters on March 26.

Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor was roped in for the titular role way back in 2018, but she backed out a year later citing her busy schedule.

However, some said she couldn't match the pace of her character.

The T-Series backed film will also feature Manav Kaul and Paresh Rawal.