Director Omar Adnan announces new web series is in the works

Technik Media Group (TMG) founder, Omar Adnan, announced earlier this summer that a new Technik Originals series was in the works. A pilot episode was released in August and people are loving it. The episode, titled “Thirst Quenchers” isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and nor does it take itself seriously. It’s a comedic look at what happens when one girl (Bethany) leaves the location of her Instagram post on. The episode stars Brendan Heard, an actor and close friend of Adnan’s.

While we don’t know when we can expect the next episode, we did get a few clues on what to expect, from Omar Adnan, who has taken lead on directing and writing the episodes.

Once the first season of episodes is approved, TMG’s production house, Technik Films will begin production and post-production. Adnan told us we can expect to see anywhere from 8-10 episodes per season with a new episode being released every Friday. As for what the series will be about, Adnan describes it as a tribute to his favorite comedy duo, Keegan Michael Key & Jordan Peele (Key & Peele). “Each episode will be its own unique concept, there’s no overlap between episodes. We’re really hoping to just make people laugh... that’s the goal,” said Adnan.

Adnan, who is known for his unique directorial style, says viewers are in for a pleasant surprise as the series is something completely outside the box, even by his standards. With Brendan Heard rumored to be recurring role, we’re sure the series will live up to the hype.

The series will be live on Technik Originals’ YouTube page, as well as on Instagram and Facebook.