Director Tim Miller was little afraid of my ferocity, says 'Dark Fate' actor Linda Hamilton

Ravi Bansal

Los Angeles, Oct 16 (PTI) 'Terminator' veteran Linda Hamilton says Tim Miller, the director of 'Dark Fate', was initially intimidated by her when they started working on the project.

The 63-year-old actor, who originally toplined the first two installments of the franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprises her role as Sarah Connor after a gap over 28 years with the new film.

According to Hamilton, the project had a bit of a 'tough start' due to difference in their approaches but things settled down soon.

'I adore Tim. He's a fantastic man, a very quiet leader. He remained steady. And that is something I really appreciate. And he is an action director. We actually had a bit of a tough start, in terms of (our) different approaches - a little bit on set where we had to self-correct, him and me.

'He was a little afraid of my ferocity for a while. But that's just stuff that two creative people have to work out, you know? Ultimately, I just love him, as does everyone,' she said in a statement.

In 'Dark Fate', which reunites Hamilton with Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong, she is joined by 'Blade Runner' star Mackenzie Davis and 'Birds of Passage' actor Natalia Reyes.

The actor said she was lucky to have Davis and Reyes as the two female leads.

'Well, I liked the idea of shaking it up a little bit, of course! But it really depends on the actresses you have playing it, doesn't it? To really sell it and to make it work. And we lucked out.

'... We have the two greatest actresses at my side. And the three of us, we're not Charlie's Angels, with a shared goal,' Hamilton said.

She said there is a lot of conflict in the film's story and the two actors 'matched' up to her brilliantly.

'They are my favourite people in the world at the moment. I feel so absolutely blessed that I got them. We each have our strengths and our vulnerabilities; it's really fleshed out and human. Because between the three of us, we pretty much cover anything you could think of.

'Anything you could think of that women could do, we do it. And I love it. I just love the power of those two women at my side,' Hamilton added.

Produced by James Cameron, 'Terminator: Dark Fate' will release in India on November 1 in six languages -- English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. PTI RB RDS