Disney legend John Musker 'bemused' by studio's live-action remakes

Los Angeles, Jan 28 (PTI) John Musker, one half of directing duo behind Disney's original 'Aladdin' and 'The Little Mermaid', says he would like the studio to create original content rather than remaking its classics.

Musker, who last worked on Disney's 'Moana' with his directing partner Ron Clements, said he is 'bemused' by the series of live-action remakes the studio is producing .

'I am bemused by the live-action remakes, although the more successful ones to me are the ones ironically that reinterpret the source to a greater degree, like 'Maleficent'. I think (Jon) Favreau's a brilliant filmmaker, but the shot-for-shot fealty to the hand-drawn 'Lion King', as well as the inexpressive animation in his film, left me uninvolved,' the filmmaker told The Hollywood Reporter.

'In general, I would rather see more original content, and fairy tales particularly by their nature don't seem to accommodate or demand the extension and/or repetition of their self-contained narrative arcs,' he added.

Clements said he wants hand-drawn animation features to make a comeback.

'I do miss hand-drawn features and hope that there's a future for this unique and very special kind of animation. I think people really do miss it, and it's poised for a potential comeback,' he said.

Disney has been strategically remaking its animated classics since 2010''s 'Alice in Wonderland'. So far, it has revived iconic films such as 'Lady and The Tramp', 'Aladdin' and 'Beauty and the Beast'.

In 2020, the studio will release 'Mulan' remake as well as '101 Dalmatians' prequel 'Cruella', starring Emma Stone. Live-action adaptations of 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Bambi' are also in the works. PTI SHD SHD SHD