Disney+ Star: Subscribers praise ‘game-changing’ content drop on new channel

Isobel Lewis
·2-min read

Disney+ subscribers are reacting to the “incredible” new Star channel on the platform.

Launched in the UK on Tuesday (23 February), Star is the home to 75 TV shows and 276 films on Disney+.

This list includes everything from classic sitcoms such as Scrubs and Desperate Housewives to dramas like The X-Files and Atlanta.

As it made its debut on Tuesday, Disney+ subscribers celebrated the huge new catalogue of programming available to them.

Star is available to watch on Disney+. You can sign up here.

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“I know everything is awful right now, but Disney Star is honestly going to fill a good few of my remaining lockdown hours…” one comment read.

“The Star addition to Disney+ is absolutely incredible!!!!!!” another fan wrote.

“I feel overwhelmed with all of these new shows, movies and more to come,” one commenter wrote.

“Not tempted to throw my schedule out of the window AT ALL thanks to #DisneyPlusStar,” another subscriber tweeted.

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“Yo @Disneyplus #DisneyPlusStar is a game changer,” another tweet read. “I went from having two things in my watchlist, to discovering you have a limit on your watchlist. This is gold!”

Two of the shows fans were most excited for were Family Guy and Ugly Betty, both of which trended in the UK on Tuesday morning.

“Disney Plus Star is really gonna make me rewatch Ugly Betty again,” one fan wrote.

“OMG, I’ve just found out all 18 seasons of Family Guy are on Disney+. That will be me binge watching all of it,” another tweet read.