Marvel fans, assemble! Disneyland announces opening date for new Avengers Campus

Starting this summer, you won’t only have to travel to the Galaxy’s Edge for fresh Disneyland adventures. On July 18, the resort’s California Adventure Park will unveil Avengers Campus, a Marvel-ous new realm populated by all of your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe citizens, from Captain Marvel to Spider-Man. In fact, the wall-crawler will be borrowing a trick from a certain man of steel from another comic book universe, performing aerial tricks above the sprawling campus that will inspire parkgoers to look... up in the sky.

Spider-Man swings overhead at Avengers Campus in Disneyland (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

Like Disneyland’s popular Star Wars realm, Avengers Campus is a fully immersive experience that features rides, in-person encounters and, of course, a shawarma joint.

Concept art for the Marvel-themed section of Disneyland, Avengers Campus (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

In addition to the existing Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout!, where the galactic adventurers have to find their way out of the Collector’s booby-trapped Fortress, which involves more than a few free falls, the campus will feature some brand-new attractions. Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, invites riders to swing alongside Peter Parker’s alter ego (played, of course, by Tom Holland) as he attempts to save New York from an invasion of the Spider-Bots.

Spider-Man swings into action at Disneyland's Avengers Campus (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

The interactive ride will blend 3D-enhanced virtual landscapes with physical sets like a lab where Peter will enlist visitors in the Worldwide Engineering Brigade — WEB, for short — which is all about building the next generation of next-gen MCU technology.

Spider-Man leads parkgoers in some superhero training at Avengers Campus (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

If you’ve already sampled everything on the extensive cantina menu at Galaxy’s Edge (we recommend the braised shaak roast), Pym Test Kitchen will give you new culinary (quantum) realms to explore. This part of the campus allows budding food scientists to play with the size and scale of their meals, and test-run dishes like plant-based meatballs and panini sandwiches. Their parents, meanwhile, can check out the adjoining Pym Tasting Lab, which highlights the “craft” behind craft beers. Other dining locations include Shawarma Palace and Terran Treats, where churro spirals kick off the many dessert options.

Visit the Pym Test Kitchen when you stop by Avengers Campus this summer (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

Avengers Headquarters serves as the hub of Avengers Campus, and it’s the place you might see, say, Black Widow tangling with the Taskmaster. But superhero sightings will happen throughout the campus, especially at the Sanctum, where Doctor Strange shows off his mastery of the mystical arts.

Doctor Strange greets parkgoers at Avengers Campus (Photo: Disneyland Resorts)

And you can’t exit Avengers Campus without visiting both gift shops. The WEB Suppliers store is filled with take-home science stuff, from non-evil Spider-Bots to a spider web kit. For general Avengers merch, stop by the Campus Supply Pod, which has everything from hoodies to toys. If you’re not already a true believer in Marvel’s creative might, one trip to Avengers Campus will have you shouting “Excelsior!”

Avengers Campus will open on July 18 at Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure Park.

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