Divya Khosla Kumar brings up Gulshan Kumar; here's what you must know about his murder

Days after Sonu Nigam accused Bhushan Kumar of being impersonal to new talent and at the same time, harassing women, wife of the T-Series tycoon, Divya Khosla Kumar, took to Instagram to respond to the singer’s claims.

Talking about some incidents from the past, she also touched upon the unfortunate death of Gulshan Kumar. Several conspiracy theories had sprung out from that one cold-blooded murder with many influential people from the industry taken suspects.

The henchman who had shot him dead was sentenced to death, fled India on parole, reached Bangladesh, and was jailed in there for years. Still, somehow, the cold-blooded murder of the Indian music baron stays unsorted.

Bombay under Underworld

The Bombay of 1980-90 stands witness to gangs fighting each other out to establish supremacy and gain absolute control of the metropolitan’s underworld operations.

The underground world had its tentacles around the showbiz world that had already become the den of mafia dealings; supari killings, death threats, and extortions raised no eyebrows. To gain the patronage of virtual overlords, or to escape their ire, film stars were often seen cherishing Don’s company. Amidst all this, only a few had the nerve to not cower down to their pressure. Gulshan Kumar was one of them.

12 August 1997

Gulshan Kumar Dua, son of a fruit juice seller in Delhi, started his music journey from a small shop and had expanded it to form Super Cassette Industries. With producing film music, remixes, and devotional songs, the company started to yield crazy profits.

Gulshan Kumar

A deeply religious Kumar was visiting a Shiv temple at Juhu to offer his morning prayers when ambushed by a gang of armed men. 16 bullets were pumped into his body leaving him dead on the spot. The ghastly murder had sent shock waves across Bollywood and beyond.

The Nadeem Connection

By August 30th, Nadeem Akhtar Saifee of the music director duo Nadeem-Shravan was declared a co-conspirator in the high-profile murder. He had, allegedly, paid D-company handsomely to settle personal scores with Kumar. Nadeem escaped to the United Kingdom shortly. The Indian government’s request for his extradition was rejected, and he was exonerated by the sessions court in Mumbai and the House of Lords in the United Kingdom for the absence of proof against him. It is believed that he is in Dubai running a perfume business these days.

The Tips Connection

In October that year, co-owner Ramesh Taurani, owner of Tips Industries Limited, was apprehended on the grounds of abetting the crime. Allegations of paying Rs. 25 lakh to Gulshan Kumar’s killers were levelled against him.

Dawood connection

Some reports suggest that the D-company had him on their target for a while. They were calling him to extort money; the music mogul had paid him 10 crores once, but his refusal to pay them further had miffed the don. Not being paid the extortion amount from Kumar, coupled with someone else paying to send him packing, was enough reason to pull the trigger.

Investigations and judgments

In November 1997, Mumbai police filed a 400-page charge sheet naming twenty-six accused. In April 2002, Abdul Rauf alias Daud Merchant was pronounced guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2009, Merchant was released in parole to visit his ailing mother; he used this opportunity to flee to Bangladesh and was arrested by Bangladesh authorities for possessing a fake Bangladeshi passport. 

Mumbai Police had intel

Recently, in "Let Me Say It Now", former top cop Rakesh Maria revealed that an informant had tipped him off about the planned assassination. Maria called to brief the Crime Branch furnishing all the details available to him, after which, he states, the Crime Branch arranged to provide protection to Gulshan Kumar. It hence came as a shocker when, despite all the alerts, Gulshan was killed just the way the assassination was planned, as per the informant.