Divyam Agarwal: Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Set a Benchmark and Became Youngest Millionaire in India

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Every year new agencies are getting started worldwide by young and learned digital marketers. From the best, I show Divyam Agarwal, who is a Founder and CEO of SWAGGER DEEVS specialized in creating brand awareness, traffic, and lead gen, marketing funnels, social media, and more. Divyam Agarwal is India’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur & also Youngest Millionaire in India. He has brought a revolution in the Indian market with his Digital Marketing skills. With more than $100K+ turnover in just two years shows his abilities and hunger for learning and executing new things.

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He is becoming a new leader of Social media not only in India but globally. His company SWAGGER DEEVS has become a big brand that is working for top individuals and companies. If you search “Youngest Digital Entrepreneur.” Divyam Agarwal's name comes in the top list of Google search. He is setting a benchmark for newcomers in digital marketing. Constant dealing with Billionaires Divyam Agarwal's name too has come in “Youngest Millionaire from India” at the age of 19.

Divyam Agarwal says around 35% of all internet users are now using ad blockers to remove pesky ads from the websites they pursue — and a large number of those users are younger generations. Looking to changing scenarios and internet users' interest, Google in 2018 August turned content marketing into a priority for companies who want to improve their digital marketing efforts.

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According to Divyam Agarwal Google now focus on three things expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (hence the E-A-T nickname). By actively fulfilling all three concepts into a website, companies can improve their SEM rankings within Google. 2020 has shown that content is king, so Blogs, FAQ pages, e-books, and white papers all became essential parts of every company’s website to master the E-A-T algorithm and provide consumers with the content they want.

Today Indians need more than content, so videos are taking place on websites and pages. Video’s popularity has exploded in recent years. More people are choosing videos we have seen a whopping 85% of Facebook videos grow. So, not only does offering subtitles on your videos show consumers with hearing disabilities that they are of value to your brand, but it also helps you keep up with multitasking audiences who now prefer closed captioning over the sound.

Divyam Agarwal’s future plans are to establish a proper Government approved Digital university to create substantial job opportunities and Make Digital Marketing a Career Option.