Divyanka Tripathi's BOLD INTERVIEW On Her Kissing Scenes, Plans Of A Baby, Fashion-Police Issues And Lots More- EXCLUSIVE

Divyanka Tripathi was shooting just a few buildings away from our office and we caught up with her for a chat sometime back. Mind you, the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein star was in a very candid mood. Surely, you want to see what transpired. CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW and take a read as well.

You have lost lots of weight and look lovely...

Yes, thanks for the compliment. I am blushing.

I am serious. But tell me, has it been a conscious effort?
Yes. Earlier, I did not bother about my weight. I was bashed online though, and mind you, some comments were terrible. I used to have a mindset- bolne do, kya farak paddta hai. But when I took up the web show Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, I had to look different. There are two phases in Nitya's life and one of them required her to look pretty and presentable.

I did quite a bit of diet and exercise. Luckily, I got a lot of free time in between, as the show had got a bit delayed with its first episode. Vivek was always round the corner to support me. Even he started guiding me what to eat and what not to.


What did Ekta Kapoor tell you?
Thankfully, she was very sweet and never pressurised me. She just wanted me to be comfy. Lekin haan, when I lost weight she was very happy.

I repeat she never pressurised me. She knew she was casting Nitya of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM)

Web world is a bold world. Were you ready for the bold stuff when you got into it?
I am not very comfy with bold scenes. The audience has vivid imagination. Suggestive depiction is enough. You don't have to feed them with smooching scenes and all that.

So, I had my discussion with Ekta that if she's looking for something like that, then maybe I am not the right person for it.

And then?
She understood me. She knew how I am. She wrote the script accordingly. There were a few kissing scenes and I cheated. Aisa lagega that I have kissed but I did not. But Rajeev Khandelwal and I had to strike a certain chemistry and we did.

Rajeev is a marvellous actor...

He is wonderful.

Was it tried on the set sometimes that you might agree to a kiss or two? Shaayad aap maan jaye...
(Laughs) Kaafi kiya. Mera toh set pe bahut leg-pulling hota tha, aur sabse jyaada toh Rajeev hi karte the.

Did you used to go on the monitor after the kissing scenes and check the take?
(Laughs) Yes, main jaakar dekhti thi ki mere saas-sasur ko kaise lagega (laughs again).

divyanka ekta

Divyanka 3

Go on...
I might be sounding quite orthodox, but trust me, there are no restrictions from family. It's just my mental makeup. Aap khud ek quality check lekar chalte hain.

But I am not saying 'Never'. Agar script ka ek solid demand hoga then I will talk to my family, fine-tune my dimaag and do it (smiles).

Do Vivek and you have your share of fights?
Yes. But, we are very communicative in our relationship. We speak to each other about it rather soon, if he's hurt or finds something wrong and vice-versa. At the end of the day, we must resolve it. When communication stops, mind takes over and plays games. It is not tough to resolve issues if you talk to each other.

Who takes a step back in the fight?
Vivek is very supportive, he is more patient than me. I am always stressed out; I tend to react. But, I am changing- woh thehrav mujh mein aa raha hai.

divyanka 4

What's he learning from you?
Hindi. My Hindi is dhara-pravah types (laughs).

Shuddh Hindi reminds me of Chupke Chupke. Vivek and you should see it together...
(Smiles) I have seen it. I will make him watch it.

Can it be said that you are the dominating partner?
No, we can't say that, it depends on the difference of opinion. If it comes to household, I dominate. If it comes to other things like dealing with people, money matters, et al- he takes charge.


You said that trolls don't bother you. What about the fashion police?
Fashion police does affect me to an extent. I am trying to up my game and look presentable at all times.

If FP has run a particular outfit of yours down, will you wear it again in public?
Yes, I will. How many times will they comment? If I have bought a certain dress, it must be for a certain reason. Comfort also matters.

If Vivek doesn't like a certain dress of yours, will you wear it?
I will if I really like it, but at times I may not. Vivek is a constructive critic. I have seen that with time, I have improved on my fashion quotient due to his fashion policing.

divyanka 5

So, there's a new fashion designer in town but he's exclusively for Divyanka Tripathi...
(Laughs) Yes, exclusively for me.

How does fashion police affect you?
It affects me in a negative way. I have a certain body-type. Many Indian women tend to put on weight if they enjoy food say for a week, as their metabolic rates tend to be on the slower side.

But I am not going to stop living. I manage to balance it.

Do you subscribe to girls wanting to get lean because they want to fit into every dress? Or do you endorse that an Indian woman looks far more attractive if she's a bit healthy...
I can’t really pick. As I said, I balance it out at least when it comes to me.

divyanka karan

If you weren't in showbiz?
Then, I wouldn't have bothered. I would have yet gone trekking, but not with the sole motive of losing weight.

You said you have upped your fashion game. Elaborate...
I have lived one type of life, but how long can I go on living the same life? I was far away from fashion in my growing-up years. But, can't a girl-next-door also look beautiful?

At times, Internet forced you to display your love for Vivek...
Yeah, it has happened. It's a crazy demand. Really crazy.


Is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) coming to an end?
This show is just superb. Last year, June mein baatein chal rahi thi that it is going to shut. In fact, when I signed Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, I was told that this show (YHM) will be going off air, so I’ll be relatively free. Then, I took up The Voice. After that, I came to know that YHM got extended. Soon, Coldd Lassi and The Voice kick-started. So everything started together. Soon, life surprises you!

What was your reaction when Karan Patel said that he is leaving the show?
As I was busy with my other 2 shows, we barely got the time to talk about all these things. This exchange never happened. But, when I learnt that Karan is exiting I had a jaw-dropping reaction. Of course, I wished him luck for Fear Factor and I’m very happy and I really want him to win.

Few days ago, there were rumours that something is amiss between Ekta and you?
We have always been very good professional friends. It’s not like we have been very pally. Ekta is my boss.  I respect her for the kind of entrepreneur, she is. She deserves all the respect. It’s not easy to curate shows which she does.


So, when do you plan to start a family?
(Laughs) Not soon, at least. When I will give the green signal, he’ll support it. Right now, he can see that I��m not ready for it.


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