Diwali 2020: Know Its Date Muhurat, Story, Significance and Rituals

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The Meaning And Significance Of Diwali
The Hindu festival Diwali is also known as Deepawali. It is called the festival of lights. On Diwali, people carry out cleansing rituals such as decorating their homes; they also gather for a special feast and light fireworks. Diwali is the most awaited festival In India, which is celebrated with great energy & enthusiasm. The festival gets its name from the two significant words, Deep which mean “Light” and Avali means “a row”, to mean a row of light. The festival of lights is just a few days away from us, and all of us must be busy in Diwali celebrations.

The Reasons As To Why Diwali Is Celebrated
The sparkling festival of light, Diwali symbolizes the supremacy of light over darkness, triumph over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Every year Diwali is observed in the holiest month of Kartik with great fervour and enthusiasm. Here are the four main legends out of the six legends of why we celebrate Diwali?

The Birthday Of Goddess Lakshmi
It is believed that the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, had incarnated from the depth of the bottomless sea on Diwali. According to the Hindu tradition, there was a time when both Devas and Asuras were mortal. To seek the deathless condition, they churned the ocean for Nectar of immortality which is also named as Samundra Manthan. During this event,s a host of divine celestial objects came into being, and among them, one was Goddess Lakshmi who was subsequently married to Lord Vishnu. And thus, this day is marked as the conquest of darkness by light.

The Triumph Of Lord Rama Over Ravana
As per the Indian super epic Ramayana, it eulogizes Diwali as the day when Lord Rama, (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yug) conquered Lanka by defeating the devil king Ravana. And after killing Ravana and completing his exile of fourteen years, he returned to Ayodhya, his birthplace, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. Thus, the people celebrated the day of their beloved king’s homecoming by illuminating the darkest night with lighting candles and firing crackers.

Pandavas Returned From Banishment On This Day
Another super epic of India, Mahabharata reveals that it was the day of the new Moon when the Pandavas appeared after suffering a banishment for 12 years with his wife Draupadi. Thus, on the return of Hastinapur, the day has been celebrated by lighting earthen lamps as traditional rituals.

The Story Surrounding Goddess Kali
Kali, also known as Shyam Kali. According to the tradition, many millennia ago when the gods lost a battle with the demons, Goddess Kali was born from the forehead of Goddess Durga to save the earth from the growing cruelty of evil spirits. After forging a catastrophic attack on the demon, she lost control and started killing whoever came on her way, so to stop her Lord Shiva had to intervene. That ferocious moment is depicted as the moment when he steps on the Lord and repents. Since then, the momentous day is celebrated as the day of triumph of good over evil.

Deepavali 2020: Know The Important Dates & Muhurats
We are all busy in welcoming the festival of light this year with a lot of eagerness but without the exact time and Muhurat the festival remains incomplete, so here check out the exact date and Muhurat of the Diwali and festivals related to it.

Day 1
November 12
Dhanteras / Dhantheran / Dhantrayodashi / Dhanwantari Triodasi / Yamadeep Daan / Dhan Teras

Day 2
November 13
Choti Diwali / Kali Chaudas / Narak Chaturdashi

Day 3
November 14
Diwali / Lakshmi Puja / Baddi Diwali

Day 4
November 15
Govardhan Puja / Annakoot/ Pratipat /

Day 5
November 16
Bhai Duj / Bhhaya Dooj / Bhai Beej / Dvitiya

What Are The Rituals & Puja Vidhi On Diwali?
On the evening of Diwali, first, the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha is worshipped by offering varieties of ritualistic objects, such as Kheel, Sweets, Batashe. It is also believed that goddess Lakshmi pays a visit to the house of devotees and showers blessings and prosperity on them. This Diwali if you are seeking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha then you can invoke the grace of the deity and bring prosperity and wealth to your home by performing virtual Lakshmi Puja and Ganesha Puja with zero hassles. It is said that making an offering to the deity after sunset is considered auspicious.

On this day, devotees clean and redecorate their house as an offering to the deity. Also, Lord Kuber is worshipped to seek his blessings to ensure growth in wealth & income. You can also seek the blessings of Lord Kuber by buying Kuber Yantra and feel the presence of him by having blessed with prosperity and love.

A Few More Diwali Rituals
During Diwali Puja, place a red cloth on the puja chowki and place the idol on it. Then do the tilak, offer flowers and light diya with the mixture of ghee. After that, offer water, Roli, Rice, Fruits, Jaggery, Turmeric, and Gulal and then begin the puja. Remember that all the family members must be present during puja.

Deepawali Celebration In Other Countries
The festival of light is not restricted to India, but it is also celebrated in other countries like Tobago, Nepal, Suriname, Mauritius, Singapore, Fizi, and so on. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People across the world find this festival auspicious and consider it as the occasion of victory of light over darkness.

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