This Diwali, the battle rages on – Which is better, Soan Papdi or Kaju Katli?

Diwali, the Festival of lights, crackers, colours and sweets is here. Everyone is having a good time bursting crackers, enjoying the lights and visiting homes of near and dear ones carrying presents and..sweets! And, like it happens on Diwali every year, there is a huge debate about which sweet is the best. There are two contenders for the top spot this year, with both having a loyal, diehard fan following. Soan Papdi and Kaju Katii have divided the internet on which is the best Diwali delight for 2019.

Agreed that both the sweets are as different from each other as chalk and cheese with vastly varying flavours and textures, but that isn’t stopping netizens from coming out with funny tweets and jokes on social media.

Kaju Katli is a cashew-based, diamond-shaped sweet while Soan Papdi is a cube-shaped sweet that is made from a combination of flour, ghee, sugar, milk and cardamon. Both these sweet delicacies are stacked to the shelves in sweet shops that cater to the huge demand for them during the festival.

But an individual’s taste is well…an individual’s taste. So, you are bound to have different opinions and perspectives. Here are some of these in the tweets below.