DJ And Entrepreneur Eric Nyxx Launches New CBD Venture XX CBD


CBD oil is a booming business right now. The CBD market is estimated to reach $20 billion by 2024. Although it’s derived from chemicals in marijuana, it won’t make you high. Instead, several studies are showing this oil may help with everything from chronic pain to anxiety.

CBD oil has played a big part in DJ Eric Nyxx’s life. Nyxx is a DJ, producer, and entrepreneur taking over the music scene in Miami, Florida. He had a breakout year in 2018 when he released his first song “More to Life,” and his unique music style is a blend of deep house, house, tech house, afro house, trap, techno, and hip-hop. He is now able to work as a full-time DJ and is living his best life.

DJ Eric Nyxx credits CBD for helping him achieve success. “Using CBD has drastically changed my life for the better,” shares Eric. “CBD has helped me reach my goals and live a happy positive life,” he adds.

His positive experience with the product is the inspiration behind launching his own company – XX CBD. Eric plans for the brand to provide new innovation in the space. He’s partnered with scientists and hemp farmers to bring his clients the best CBD that can change their lives. XX CBD will be a full line of CBD products, including gummies, vapes, cosmetics, and tinctures.

Nyxx was born in Brooklyn in 1994, and his parents got him into the late 1990s and early 2000s electronic dance music from a young age. Artists like ATB, Tiesto, Carl Cox, and Paul van Dyk had a significant influence on him. He also explored hip-hop, listening to artists like 50 Cent and Eminem.

He went to a media junior high school that taught him the basics of music production, and he DJ’d throughout high school, making his own tracks using the school’s equipment. He earned the name Nyxx in College, and then he was hosting huge parties and managing nightclubs in New York City with Nyxx Hospitality.

Eric now lives in Miami and spends his time DJing. He isn’t a stranger to starting new business ventures. He owns a real estate investment company that he uses to flip houses and sell them for a profit. His first real estate project was a broken down two family house in Brooklyn. There were stray cats and raccoons inside, and it hadn’t had electricity in 20 years. But with a lot of hard work, he and his business partners had three offers on the table before they even finished remodelling and fixing the house. “I’ve learned more from working on this project than I ever did in college,” shares Eric.

Eric’s new CBD brand XX CBD launches on or around September 1st, 2019. CBD is a popular product and one that is capable of helping people. DJ Eric Nyxx is excited to help people live their lives in a more healthy and pain-free way and help them achieve their dreams, just like he did.

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