DJ Shiva, not just a DJ now


DJ SHIVA from Mumbai is one of the most renowned DJs in the country. He is expected to release his original track very soon. He is still giving finishing touches to his first original track. He says that one of his friends is writing the lyrics for his song and he is working on the music. He plans to release a couple of original songs more after this one comes out.

He says he is excited and nervous at the same time to see how the audience reacts to his new avatar as a music composer.

With the growing competition in the music industry, every individual who’s into music is working today to create something original and influential enough to sway the audience. And so is DJ SHIVA. He has been working in the music world for almost two decades now.
Digital media has excited DJ Shiva to work into composing. He says, “Earlier, artists were heavily dependent on record labels. But now, releasing songs has become very easy, thanks to the easy availability and access to the internet. So many people have put up videos on YouTube which have gone viral. If you are creating music that you think will be liked by people, then rest assured it will reach out to them.”

All the underground rappers, the gully gangs, the DJs, everyone is trying to create an impact with their music and uplift the Indian music industry and DJ Shiva believes in delivering original pieces to the audience.

With the party season coming up, we can expect a number of amazing original tracks by him.

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