DJ Xquizit Debuts Impactful New Track Featuring Paul Bartolome

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DJ Xquizit, who is widely considered as a true veteran of the dance scene has debuted with a super impactful new track "Who Wants To Live Forever” featuring Paul Bartolome. They came up with an unexpected version of the everlasting classic by Queen to give a trance flavor.

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Beginning to end, the song looks deep within ourselves to create a body of work that truly represents the emotional connection we have with modernity. DJ Xquizit produced the song to switch things up and dive into trance music. The track, ""Who Wants To Live Forever”, which was released on Trancepodium under Xquizit's own label "Arkham Digital", has already sold several copies.

With his latest track, DJ Xquizit is closing the most successful year of his career thus far. Sharing details on the song, Xquizit explains “Having the opportunity to collaborate with Paul Bartolome truly allowed him to bring this track to a level never seen before. We will always be forever grateful.” They first played the track at a festival and the entire crowd of all ages were singing along at the top of their lungs.

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Right after its sale on June 25th, the song has gained major attention from music lovers. A respectful cover of the original, the first couple of minutes catch you with Paul's amazing voice doing a great job of grabbing you emotionally. A graceful combination of 80s synths, strings, and captivating vocal lead. But right as the bridge comes you hear the build up and BAM!, a psy bassline with an electric guitar as lead. It's the final two minutes of the song that make it the perfect intro track to a festival set. High-energy, emotional, solidly produced.

DJ Xquizit has dominated the trance sphere with an assortment of his popular tracks, after starting his DJ career in 1998. He's an accomplished DJ and performer who seems to have come out of nowhere. By combining audience-approved trance beats with an overtly presence, DJ Xquizit has established herself as one of Beatstat's Top Selling Trance Artists, along with iTunes Dance Top 10s.

This is the second of the DJ Xquizit's "Summer of Covers" series, the previous being a synthwave/electro pop cover of "No Time To Die" by Billie Eilish, and followed up by a vocal cover of "Top Gun Anthem", to coincide with the film's release. Along with these themes, the performer’s latest release focuses on her trance roots, producing a track with serious club-banger potential.

As the year passes it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, this song will be there, leading the charge as THE festival track of Summer 2021.

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