Want to unravel the mystery of your mutt? Doggie DNA kits are $20 off

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Shop)

How many times has someone asked you the breed of your dog, only for you to answer, “Not sure — he’s a mutt.”

Now you can find out what makes your pup tick — and not spend a furry arm and a leg. The average cost of a doggie DNA kit used to be over $100, but DNA My Dog finally makes the process affordable.

At just $59 — $20 off — this DNA kit is a steal. All it requires is a simple, painless at-home cheek swab using the included sterile cotton applicator to determine your dog's complete breed and ancestry. Mail in the sample, and you'll receive a detailed report in two weeks or less listing specifics for every breed in your pet’s genetic profile, including a percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s DNA.

Uncovering your dog’s exact breed mix will give you an understanding of the unique personality traits and risk for diseases commonly associated with your dog's genetic makeup. That kind of information can be crucial to how you go about obedience training, feeding, exercise and preventive medical care.

You'll receive a photo certificate that you and your furry friend will be proud to display (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Shop)

You’ll even get a customized photo certificate featuring your dog’s mug that’s so cute you’ll want to frame it (plus it’ll grant you immediate bragging rights at the dog park). Also included: tips for managing your pet through each stage of Fido’s life.

How does it work?

The company has built up a comprehensive database analyzing the DNA of purebred dogs and compares your pet’s results with the info in their files to identify your dog’s breeds. Currently, there are 84 common breeds in the DNA My Dog database, with more to come.

Aren’t you excited to know if you have a Labradoodle or Chiweenie?

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