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Rashami Desai - Nandish Sandhu

Rashami and Nandish took their roles in Uttaran a little too seriously and married each other in 2012. They had a daughter shortly after. But trouble hit paradise sooner than one had imagined. Initial speculations held Rashami guilty for being an over-possessive wife. But the actress, who had left her matrimonial home fr a while, refuted such rumors as biased narrations and shared details on how draining her marriage had turned. The couple divorced in 2015.

Do these former TV couples have some bad blood between them?

Not all love stories lead to a “... happily ever after”. Some end in controversies, heartbreaks, gossips, allegations and a lot of bad blood. Again, some just run their course and the erstwhile companions amicably decide to part ways.

Read on to know what went down in the ‘roses and rainbow’ lives of your favorite TV couple.

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