Doc Destiny: Your month matters

JANUARY: People who are born in this month have a good sense of humour. They are witty, bold and active. They are born leaders. They like partying and love socialising but are very secretive in nature.

FEBRUARY: Their originality is what makes them stand out. February born people are friendly in nature. They tend to day-dream a lot. They believe in perfectionism. People born in this month are mostly enigmatic.

MARCH: People born in this month have great observing skills. They are sympathetic in nature and once they love someone they love them forever. Born with a big heart, people born in March love travelling and listening to music.

APRIL: They value friendship the most and choose their friends wisely. Such people listen to their hearts over their minds. People born in this month never give up easily. Highly romantic in nature, such people are beautiful and have attractive features.

MAY: They have a strong will power. People get attracted to them and love them for their vivid persona, but they tend to stalk people. Such people like to daydream. Their stubborn nature leads them to success.

JUNE: People born in July become great visionaries. Such people get easily influenced by others. Kindness is one of the most popular traits. Sometimes they become very choosy.

JULY: People who are born in this month tend to be humble. They enjoy life to the fullest. Such people believe a lot in spirituality. They are intelligent and win hearts with their kind nature.

AUGUST: People like to be around them because they have a magnetic personality. They believe and follow their passions no matter what. People born in this month are hard workers. They are blessed souls who are loved for who they are.

SEPTEMBER: They are fun-loving and caring. Travelling makes them happy. They understand their loved ones, friends, and family members better than any other. They stay loyal with their partner throughout their life.

OCTOBER: They have a cool personality but have a laidback attitude. They stay calm even in the worst situations. They never give up easily. They try their best to keep others happy. They have a versatile approach for everything and for all aspects of their life.

NOVEMBER: Such people have great creative abilities and skills. They use their emotions very well to express what’s going on inside their mind. They know how to use their strengths. They are rebellious in nature.

DECEMBER: Such people are generous in nature. They have a great sense of humour. Full of confidence, freedom matters the most to them. They believe in spirituality. They tend to avoid others’ advice and live their life on their own terms.

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