Doc Destiny: How to multiply your money

- Teach your children “Wealth likes me” and not “I like wealth”.

- Keep aside a small token everyday in a red pouch for a girl child.

- While counting, fold the note towards yourself and say these words mentally “These are coming back to me”.

- Keep rolled notes in your purse or pocket.

- While gifting a wallet or a purse always add a coin/ note in it.

- Whenever you spend money say these words in mind, “Go by the blessings of God and bless all those who touch you, feed the hungry, give clothes to the naked and return to me many times more in number”.

- Every morning bless the first currency note you receive or give.

- Fold note in half, then fold in the shape of a triangle or trinity and keep it in your purse.

- Donate 10 percent of your earnings, give 10 percent to the poor, pay back 10 percent of your debt and save 10 percent of your income.

- Give respect to money, it respects you too and it will surely come back to you.

- Keep your tijori in the South-West of the house or in the master bedroom.

- Keep six assorted coins in a bowl filled with water and place it in the centre of the house.

- Hang six wind chimes in the North-West part of the house.

- Keep five side mirrors in the cash box.

- Never keep your cash box empty.

- Keep personal numerological yantras for prosperity.

- Use of correct energised gem stones increases prosperity.

- Energised crystals, proven mantras and suspicious yantras can bring prosperity.

- Keep half glass of water at night, put in your intent or thought and drink it in the morning.

- The Wish Pyramid enhances your desires by leaps and bounds.

- Frame a cheque with your desired amount and visualise it last thing in the night and first thing in the morning.

- Do affirmations religiously 21 times for 21 days.

- Always do money transactions through auspicious number totals (1,3,5,6,9)

- Light the house with diya every evening from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

- Wearing of a traditional jewellery as a daily ritual is auspicious.

- Keeping a small piece of ancestral jewellery in the main jewellery box is lucky.

- Keeping of a coin below the Laughing Buddha facing the entry brings wealth.

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