Doc Destiny: Numbers and You

Last week, we shared interesting and unknown facts about how numbers can give a peek into one’s personality. After learning about numbers 1 to 5, let’s see what remaining ones tell us...

NUMBER 6 : People associated with number love to dress well and are very fond of brands and luxury products. They aim to have a luxurious life. People with number six do well in business related to luxury products, interior designing, cars, jewellery, flowers, perfumes etc. They dress as per the trend. They are extremist, emotional, sensitive, moody, family-oriented, but tend to get easily influenced by friends/ peers. They like to shine in society are very social by nature. Lucky number: 6, Lucky colours: Pink and white, Lucky direction: South-East.

ADVICE : They are prone to greed they get tempted easily and use unethical means or ways to become successful. Don’t trust them easily.

NUMBER 7: They are philosophers, visionaries, highly imaginative and spiritual. People linked to number seven do well in the fields of films, music, acting etc. Glamour industry welcomes such people with open arms. Such people also become good writers. Because such individuals are ruled by planet Ketu, their chances of attaining success become more if they get situated near a water body. They also move away from their birthplace. They do extremely well in imports, exports, merchandising, trading, shipping and travel industry. Lucky numbers: 1 &7, Lucky colour: White, Lucky direction: North-West

ADVICE : Ketu makes them a bit laid back. Such people are also unethical and are prone to cause delays. Don’t stand on their words.

NUMBER 8 : They are responsible, reliable, hard-working, dedicated, they do service in life, for family /self/society. They stick to one job. They are trustworthy and can be given a highly responsible job /work. They get an inheritance in life in the form of wealth, prosperity or business.

Lucky numbers: 8 & 5, Lucky colours: Dark blue, violet, burgundy and navy-blue, Lucky direction: West.

ADVICE : Delays and difficulties are part of their lives. Patience is the key to success for them.

NUMBER 9 : They are bold, aggressive and adventurous. They are the biggest risk-takers.They work best when they are challenged in life. They are good leaders and always attain a good position in life. They are best suited for the field of defences, sports, iron and steel, chemicals and real estate. Lucky number: 9, Lucky colours: Red & maroon, Lucky direction: South.

ADVICE : Such people misuse their power for personal gains. Such people should use their wisdom and stay wise.

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