Doc Destiny: Six and its secrets

Number six, which is ruled by Venus is the symbol of love, romance, creativity and artistic expression. Today being September 6, we will try to unlock and understand the significance of number six and how does number six impacts those who are associated with this magical number...

People who are born on 6, 15 or 24 of any month have a direct link to number six. This number which is ruled by Venus can have a huge impact on one’s life in different ways. And Venus, which is also renowned as Goddess of Beauty in Greek mythology represents everything which defines beauty and luxury. And hence, people with number six are more likely to be materialistic. Beauty products/ cosmetics, jewellery, car, flowers, high-end products, costly artefacts etc.

People ruled by number six are extremists. They have a very clear vision and they know what they want in life. Most importantly, they exhibit their emotions since they tend to be sensitive and emotional by nature. When it comes to romance they leave no stone unturned to make their partner happy. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance, such people are highly romantic and they fall in love very easily and quickly. They live their life on their own terms.

People associated with number six should take extra care of their throat, stomach and reproductive organs as these parts of their body are sensitive and may up risk of diseases. People linked to number six have a good social life and have big social circles. They are generous with money. They live well, eat well, dress well, in other words, they are “Shaukeen” of all the good things. They have a good eye for the detail and have a great aesthetic sense. They are a big foodie. Such people are blessed with good looks.

Let’s understand the combined birth numbers:

Number 15: This is a combination of 1 Sun and 5 Mercury. Both are connected with intellect and wit. This makes the person popular, friendly and materially. They receive co-operation from rich and influential people. People born on 15 are tender, emotional, attractive and look youthful.

Number 24: This is a combination of 2 Moon and 4 Rahu and is considered to be a very lucky number. Such people undergo change very often. They are very influential, sincere and helpful. They are strong, persistent and always succeed in whatever they undertake. They are loved by all. They become successful and materially prosperous. Like a typical number 6 (2+4) they get a lot of popularity and enjoy a good life. They get benefits from people of the opposite sex.