DocuBay rolls out 14-Day Free Trial and new titles for Christmas

As documentary viewership continues to gain strength worldwide, DocuBay, IN10 Media’s streaming service tailored for documentary viewing and discovery, has a special offer for film lovers. As the Christmas festivity sets in, DocuBay announces a seasonal 14-day Free Trial for non-members, along with new titles released for the holiday season across the globe. The users can avail the free trial starting 20 December 2019 on Android and iOS app.

The new ‘OneTribe’ DocuBay members will have access to the platform’s premium library of international documentaries from 100+ countries, spanning a variety of categories, encompassing diverse human experiences, opinions, and narratives. The platform’s user-friendly, intuitive interface makes the discovery of films easy through specially-curated categories called ‘Bays’, including NatureBay, AdventureBay, TravelBay, CultureBay, ScienceBay and more. Joining the season of joy, DocuBay added an exclusive ‘ChristmasBay’ for viewers to trace the origin of the holiday and discover the story behind the birth of Jesus Christ.


ChristmasBay features a number of documentaries that cover places mentioned in the Bible and were key in the rise of Christianity. The titles take viewers on a tour of key biblical monuments like ‘Wedding Church of Cana’, ‘Ashdod Citadel’, ‘The Dormition’, and many such revered sites that have stood the test of time and witnessed events that changed the course of history. The premium catalogue also comprises of select titles in 4K.

Wedding Church of Cana

In the central part of the town of Kafr Kanna , the Wedding Church, also Franciscan Wedding Church, is the name given to a religious building of the Catholic church located in the Lower Galilee in northern Israel. It is committed to weddings and its name remembers supernatural occurrence of transforming water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Basilica of Jesus Adolescent

Holy Places is once again in Nazareth, and decided to take you visit a very special church: the Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent also called the Salesian Church. Holy Places has already showed you Nazareth, with its churches, its source, and its monasteries. Today is a very different church that we offer you to discover.

Sea Of Gallile

Sea of Galilee

The lake of Tiberias is also called Lake Kinnereth, or lake of Gennesaret or Sea of Galilee. Located in the northeast of Israel, it is a freshwater lake rich in fish with an area of 160 km2. To the south of the lake crosses the river Jordan connecting it thus to the dead sea.

Church of Saint Lazarus

Several lands were acquired by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, including this land in 1863 near the tomb of Lazarus. Then it was between 1952 and 1955 on the ancient ruins of several ancient churches that a modern church dedicated to Saint-Lazare was built. Indeed, we have near the church the tomb of Lazarus.

Church Of Saint Lazarus

The Dormition

Holy Places takes you today to a place of the past that has made the current history of Christianity: The Abbey of the Dormition. This abbey is actually a monastery of Benedictine monks high on Mount Zion. Historically located as being the hill of Ophel, Mount Zion designated the City of David, an important place in the Jewish tradition.

Along with the all-new ChristmasBay, members can watch one new documentary every day as well as some of DocuBay’s most popular films including ‘Himalayan Gold Rush’, ‘Red Light Green Light’, ‘Trump Russia’, ‘Zoo Lovers’, ‘Diana: The Royal Truth’, ‘The People's Girls’, ‘Omo Child’, ‘Inside Facebook’, ‘Smile Pinki’, ‘The Man Who Skied Down Everest’, and more.