Does Loki appear on Fortnite loading screen? Fans think so

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Does Loki appear on Fortnite loading screen? Fans think so
Does Loki appear on Fortnite loading screen? Fans think so

28 May 2021: Does Loki appear on Fortnite loading screen? Fans think so

Fortnite fans were in for a surprise when they noticed something familiar on a leaked loading screen. The update - patch v16.50 - which was released recently, had gamers buzzing in excitement, when they saw a silhouette of the Marvel character Loki. HYPEX, a Twitter user, was the first to spot the God of Mischief. However, there's no official confirmation from Marvel Studios yet.

Reasons: Why fans think it has to be the MCU villian

As you look closer into the loading screen, Loki's appearance becomes more evident. The silhouette shows him with his trademark Scepter and Crown. The crossover is also very likely considering the Loki series is releasing on June 9, a day after Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 begins. Reports suggest the MCU villain could be the next Fortnite Crew incentive or Battle Pass candidate.

Theory: Not just Loki, but Thor is also on Fortnite?

Epic Games' Fortnite is all the rage among gamers now, and adding a fan-favorite Marvel character would make the gaming experience even better. HYPEX also pointed out another character at the same loading screen that looks like a silhouette of Thor. Interestingly, there is already a Thor comic-themed skin available on Fortnite. This could mean the new skin is from the MCU.

Fact: Fans are really excited to see Loki, Thor on Fortnite

Reaction: Not the first time, a Marvel character skin was uncovered

Many leakers have already noticed Marvel-themed skins, including Ant-Man, previously. It was actually available in March this year. Apart from the MCU character, Fortnite players have also seen skins for beloved pop culture characters like Lara Croft, Master Chief, Aloy, and Kratos. In the past, there have been crossovers with DC universe, Star Wars, and other famous franchises like John Wick and Stranger Things.

Series: 'Loki' TV series is coming to Disney+ Hotstar next month

Loki's series will have him in an alternate MCU timeline, where he escapes with the Tesseract in Endgame. He also finds himself in conflict with TVA, an organization that exists outside of time and space. The six-episode series will hit Disney+ Hotstar soon. It stars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Sasha Lane, Richard E. Grant, and Erika Coleman. It is Marvel Studios' first-ever villain-centric project.

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